American Red Cross Learn to Swim program


The American Red Cross Learn to Swim™ program puts water safety first. Each level includes training in basic water safety and stroke development. Swimmers progress through the levels at their own pace, mastering the skills in one level before advancing to the next.


Member Registration opens Wed. 9/21

Non-Member Registration opens Wed. 9/28


Pricing for group swim lessons: $60/ Member I $90/ Non-members. Registration for group swim lessons can be done in person at the JCC front desk, by calling 330-867-7850, or Register online. A minimum of three participants must be registered in order for a class to be held.


 If you have questions about group lessons please email us

Baby and Me


Learn how to handle your future swimmer! Come introduce your child to water fun. This American Red Cross IPAP program will guide you to become comfortable with your child in the water. Learn how to hold your child, develop basic swimming skills, sing songs, and water play to help build a positive parent-child relationship. We will work on kicking, floating, blowing bubbles, arm strokes and water safety. We ask that children who are not toilet-trained wear a swim diaper. Parents are required to be in the water for the class and children must be at least 6 months old to enroll.



Build your toddler’s confidence in the water through safe exploration. We will introduce your child to being comfortable in the water for the first time in a group setting without mom and dad. They will learn basic swimming skills, blowing bubbles, kicking, floating on front and back while assisted and most importantly having fun! (approximately 3 to 5 years old).

Level 1


Your child will learn the foundation for basic swimming skills, become comfortable in water, learn how to front crawl while assisted and how to kick and float on his/her own.

Level 2


Children must have gone through level 1 OR be comfortable in the water and able to float on their back and front while supported. Children will learn to paddling with face in water, front and back float unassisted, and tread water.

Level 3


Children must have gone through level 2 OR be able to swim unassisted for a short distance and be comfortable in deep water. Building on the foundation learned in previous levels, your child will develop the skills to do the elementary backstroke, front and back crawl and the butterfly kick.

Level 4 & 5


Children must have gone through level 3 OR be able to swim unassisted. Skills taught in Level 4 include sidestroke, breaststroke, butterfly, treading, turns, and endurance swimming. Your child will learn to refine their breaststroke, alternate breathing and sidestroke in addition to new skills.



This class is for swimmers ages 14+ and is a learn-at-your-own-pace class while gaining confidence in the water. This class gives adult swimmers at every level the opportunity to improve their skills in a safe environment. 

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