Dream Circle


1st and 3rd Monday of the month I 6-7:15 pm

Cost: $10/month


Are there some dreams that are "bigger" or more imporatant than others? Many insist that there are. Our dreams speak a language that all of us can learn. This dream group will allow participatints to explore the importance and meaning of their dreams in a group setting. The group will be led by psychologist Curtis Kwodwo Williams II. He has years of experience in the study of dreams as well as practical training from well-known Jungian analysts such as James Hollis, Ph.D, Pittman McGhee, Ph. D., Pricilla Murr, Ph. D., and Vocata George, Ph.D. If you are one of those individuals that dream often and are curious about the characters and symbols in your dreams, this group is for you! 





6/5 & 6/19

7/10 & 7/17

8/7 & 8/21

9/11 & 9/18





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