Jewish Values


Jewish values of respect for self, others, and the environment are woven throughout the curriculum. Children celebrate Jewish holidays as part of a diverse community which welcomes families of all faiths. We are proud to be an inclusive community where children are celebrated and given opportunities to put values into action both in school and in the larger community as a whole. Our value-based curriculum plays a crucial role in helping children make choices which have a positive impact on the world around them. 

Granny Group


The Granny Group leads activities tied to Jewish holidays and themes nine times a year at the Mandel ECE Center. The group is comprised of students’ grandmothers (and grandpas, great-grandmas, aunts and uncles, too!) Sheri Glauberman started the group to enrich the preschool experience by assembling others, who like her had the time to volunteer. 


The group plans out projects involving Jewish food, craft and ritual. Any months that do not have a Jewish holiday associated with them are given a theme. There’s always an educational component to the activity, through singing, dancing or storytelling.


The group has provided wonderful Jewish experiences for the children of the ECE through music and hands-on activities each month. The creations made together with the Granny Group go home with the children along with reading materials for our families to better explain Jewish culture and values.







Every Friday, our school family gathers to celebrate all-school Shabbat, with songs, grape juice, and challah. 

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