Parent Testimonials


We value the feedback we receive from parents with children in the ECE. With their valuable feedback we know what is working and where to focus our attention for improvement. Below are a few of the things that parents are saying about our program!

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"There are no words to explain what the ECE does for us all. This is where my family and I grew up. All of my memories involve The J, and I want my son to have that too.


I boast about the ECE program regularly to all of my friends with small children. Those girls spend more time with my son than I do during the week so watching his face light up every morning when he sees his teachers solidifies that he is happy and makes leaving him a little less difficult. I couldn't be the mom I am without these teachers."
–Emily Prioletti


"The high quality staff is one of the greatest advantages you have over other local child care programs.  I can honestly say I am greeted with a smile and friendly attitude by every staff member from the moment I walk through their doors. As a parent, this is comforting to see because you know your children are in good hands. It is evident that the teachers have a passion for what they do. One of the drawing factors to the JCC, was the impressive curriculum and enrichment programs offered to children on a daily basis. We have always believed that child care is an investment in your child’s future and you cannot put a price tag on a high quality center like the JCC. 


Thank you to Kim Garra, for doing an exceptional job as a director because we know all too well how a director can have a positive or negative impact on a child care program. Kim should be proud of the culture she has created at the Mandel ECE and the staff she has on board!"
–Eileen Simcox

"Although my family is not Jewish, I realize the importance of faith in the guiding principles of the school. I support and encourage my children to learn about other faiths, cultures, and languages. The Mandel ECE provides this in an open and welcoming way for Jewish and non-Jewish families. I am continually impressed with the intermingling of Judaism in their programs and so much other diversity that I can only hope that these kids become the future leaders of our community, state, and country to impart these lessons into our society.


One of the best things that has been introduced by Director Kim Garra is the additional classes that are offered for a small fee during the day. It has really allowed me to explore my children’s individual interest areas while at school and not on the weekends which takes away from valuable family time."
-Amy Randall


"Our family has been fortunate enough to have the Mandel ECE as part of our lives for about 3 years. The teachers and staff, especially Director Kim Garra, have become family to us and we cannot imagine our lives without them. Their level of passion for my children and their learning experience is unparalleled.


Through the ECE, my children have experienced so much more than I ever expected at this age. They offer swimming lessons, gardening class, STEM programs, sports, dance, Lego building class, music, cooking class, and so much more! Learning is fun, play is fun, and we love that the general lessons of being kind and thankful human beings are a regular part of the curriculum."
–Andrea Royer

This summer, Chloe really has blossomed and it’s been remarkable to see. I can’t thank Kim and Joyce as well as everyone else who has had such a strong influence this year. It’s funny my husband and I were speaking about how we’ve never worried about her being at school we know she is well cared for. We were new to daycare and had no idea what to expect. The Shaw JCC has blown every expectation out of the park. We appreciate everything you’ve done to build such a great program! Looking forward to a new school year!!

-Amy Shannon

David started going to the ECE when he was three and stayed there for two years. During that time, it thrilled our family that David came home knowing blessings, and he was so proud to share what he’d learned with his grandparents. Students celebrated Shabbat every Friday, and many weeks David would bring home Jewish books from the ECE lending library. Leading up to holidays, the Granny Group made Jewish crafts with the students that taught them about each holiday. Students performed in a Passover play and had a Seder at school, which helped David to better understand Passover rituals at home.

-Rachel Peltzman

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