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Because of you, 187 children & families experienced firsthand the difference a gift to Families Supporting Families can make. There are many families in our community who need just a small change to experience a significant difference in their lives. Here's one family's story:

Lucas and Lilli have been coming to the Shaw JCC for as long as they can remember. As babies and toddlers, they enjoyed a warm and nurturing environment at the Mandel Early Childhood Education Center, and then recently, experienced Camp JCC in the summer and KidSpace after school child care. These siblings have many friends and spent many joy-filled hours here at the J. 

Last year, the unthinkable happened to Lucas and Lilli. Their mother suddenly passed away. Despite the tragedy of the situation, there was one bright light for these children – their grandparents who were able to step in and care for them. 
There were many challenges to be faced in their new situation, but there was one thing their grandma was certain of – these children needed to have as much consistency and continuity in their lives as possible. She was convinced this included keeping the kids coming to the J through KidSpace and Camp JCC. It was important to her that they maintain a relationship with the community that they’ve grown up with since birth. 
Unfortunately, both grandparents are retired, and they did not have the income to pay for a JCC membership, let alone the fees for after school care and camp. 
Luckily, grandma heard about the Families Supporting Families scholarship program and applied for and received financial assistance for Lucas and Lilli to attend KidSpace and Camp JCC. 
She said, “The JCC family has been very welcoming. I cannot believe all they’ve done to help and support me and the children. The J has continued to be extremely important to the kids as they heal and gives them an outlet to just be kids.” 

Because of you, Lucas and Lilli continue to thrive at the J. They attend third and fourth grade at The Lippman School located on campus and will be involved with the Shaw JCC for many years to come!

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