14 2017

Ping Pong (AKA Table Tennis) Fall League

6:00PM - 8:45PM  

Shaw JCC of Akron

Contact Samson Dubina

$ Cost $ 12.00

Dear Table Tennis Players,

We are very excited to announce that our fall league consists of a longer season, league finals, weekly prizes, and free competition shirts to all participants who register by August 10! The winner of the league finals will receive a huge check and $500 in cash! There are 2 chances to qualify for the November 30 finals week!

(1st Chance)……..Win 30 Matches During the 10 week Season

(2nd Chance)…….Win one of the playoffs that happen from 8:40-8:45pm each week

At the end of each league night, the winner of the playoff will receive awesome prizes as well as an official certificate to the league finals! The November 30th league finals will consist of a handicap event so that each player has an equal chance to win $500! Make sure you register by August 10 for your free shirt and discounted rate!

Dates to Remember:

August 10th Very Early Bird Registration (FREE competition shirt)

September 9th Early Bird Registration

After September 9th Normal Registration

September 14th (Weekly Prizes)

September 21st (Weekly Prizes)

September 28th (Weekly Prizes)

October 5th (Weekly Prizes)

October 12th (Weekly Prizes)

October 19th (Weekly Prizes)

October 26th (Weekly Prizes)

November 2nd (Weekly Prizes)

November 9th (Weekly Prizes)

November 16th (Weekly Prizes)

November 30th Finals Week (Must Qualify) $500 Cash for 1st place

All players who qualify for the finals week will be placed into a handicap tournament. Each player will have an equal chance to win. The single elimination format will be handicapped based on league ratings; 1-point handicap per 200 rating points with a cap of 8 points. For example, if a 1839 and a 1960 player compete, there will be no handicap. If a 1298 player and a 1960 player compete, then the 1298 player gets a 3-0 lead each game. If a 423 player and a 1960 player compete, then the 423 player gets 7-0 lead each game.

All players who do not qualify for the finals week can attend and do normal open club play.

Additional Note: There will be open club play for a few weeks before the fall season begins; open club play from August 3rd - September 7th. The cost of open club play is $5/person or $10/family. No preregistration required for open club play in the summer months.

Sponsor: Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy