Kashrut and Shabbat


All food served by the Shaw JCC must be kosher, and we ask that all food brought in to the building and outdoor pool be respectful of the laws of kashrut and those who keep kosher. 

What does that mean? Jewish tradition dicates that meat and milk be kept separate from one another in the kitchen, on the table, and in our stomachs. Because Jewish law also dictates certain rules about meat types and preparation, we ask that you leave meat at home and, when you're bringing food to the Shaw JCC, pack cheese sandwiches, tuna fish, peanut butter and jelly, and all of the other wonderful treats you can imagine that don't include meat! 

Jewish law and tradition dictate that the Sabbath--Saturday--is a day of rest, when no work is done and no money changes hands. To respect that tradition, we do not sell goods or services at the Shaw JCC on Saturdays. Please remember to buy guest passes ahead of time and, in the summer, Shabbat cards for the snack bar. We cannot charge member accounts for guest passes or Shabbat cards.