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  • More than 80 FREE Group Exercise Classes a Week!

  • Heated Indoor Swimming Pool for Your Enjoyment!

  • Full Size Gymnasium

  • 4 Tennis Courts

  • Outdoor Sports Fields

  • Convenient Babysitting while you work out!

  • 5,000 sq. ft. Fitness Center

  • Spacious Locker Rooms!

  • Enjoy a relaxing massage.

  • Work out with one of our Certified Personal Trainers.

  • Racquetball courts

  • Enjoy our dry sauna!

Member & Guest Policies

Membership Cards


When you come to The J, please bring your membership card with you every time. It’s your passkey into the building, and your ticket past the reception desk. Membership cards are non-transferable. If yours is lost or stolen, please call us at 330-867-7850 right away. We can provide replacement cards for $15/adult card and $5/child card (ages 5-12). Members may be charged $15 for a replacement card if unable to present their card after three visits in a row. Thank you for helping us keep The J safe and secure for all of our members!

Be Our Guest!


Guest pass fees are $12 for members 12 and over; $8 ages 3-12; and free for children ages under 3.


We welcome any local guest at The J two times each calendar year. A member must always accompany guests.


It's good when family and friends come to visit! We don't have any restrictions for our-of-town guests; our fees are $25 per week per individual or $35 per week for a family, or the daily guest pass rate. 

Lockers and Towel Service 


Monthly towel service is available for $16 per month for single adults or $32 per month for families/couples. The fee will be drafted monthly from your account just as membership is. You must have a valid back account or credit card on file for drafting purposes. 

Family and Accessible Changing Rooms 


You’ll find family changing rooms available to those who cannot use the stairs from the lower level locker rooms to the indoor pool and to families who would like a private place to change together before and after swimming. Please ask our member service staff for more information and directions to the family changing rooms.

Supervision Policy and Age Restrictions 


The J is the family place for people of all ages. Therefore, we require that an adult accompany a child under the age of 13 at all times. We ask parents of children ages 13-18 to use good discretion to determine the level of adult supervision required by their child. For the safety of our members, the whirlpool, steam room and sauna, are for the use of members ages 16 and over. To safeguard our members’ privacy, we ask that children six years of age and older use the appropriate locker room for their gender. If your child of the opposite gender needs some help from you in the locker room, we invite you to use the family locker rooms located off the main lobby.



For our members to feel comfortable at The J, please wear appropriate attire in our facility. Shirts and shoes are required in all areas except the locker room and the pools, and, for safety reasons, proper footwear must be worn in physical activity spaces. We cannot allow outdoor shoes in the gymnasium. The J reserves the right to determine what is appropriate clothing.

Keeping it Kosher!


All food served by the Shaw JCC must be kosher, and we ask that all food brought in to the building and outdoor pool be respectful of the laws of kashrut and those who keep kosher. What does that mean? Jewish tradition dictates that meat and milk be kept separate from one another in the kitchen, on the table, and in our stomachs. Because Jewish law also dictates certain rules about meat types and preparation, we ask that you leave meat at home and, when you’re bringing food to The J, pack cheese sandwiches, tuna fish, peanut butter and jelly, and all of the other wonderful treats you can imagine that don’t include meat!

Shabbat (Saturday) Policy


Jewish law and tradition embrace the Sabbath – Saturday, a day of rest, when no work is done and no money changes hands. To respect that tradition, we do not sell goods or services at The J on Sat.. Please remember to buy guest passes ahead of time. We cannot charge member accounts for guest passes or Shabbat cards.

Loss of Privileges 


The use of physical force against another person or with the intent of damaging Shaw JCC property may result in suspension or loss of privileges. Verbal abuse will be handled in the same way as physical force and may also result in suspension or loss of membership privileges.


Please note: All schedules are subject to change. Visit shawjcc.org/recreation-wellness for the most up to date information.


For any questions regarding Member & Guest policies, please call 330-867-7850