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Our Personal Trainers would love to work with you! Our trainers are educated in the latest personal training practices and know how to tailor a program to each individual client. 


Kennedy Adams

Certified Personal Trainer

Starting her education in Kent State's nursing program, Kennedy quickly learned that she was fascinated with anatomy and physiology, sparking her interest in the fitness world. For the last 2 years, Kennedy created training routines for herself and decided to change routes from nursing to personal training. Now certified in personal training through NASM, Kennedy is excited to help clients reach their goals by being a knowledgeable guide and an advocate. Currently, Kennedy focuses on muscle strength and growth and minor weight loss through resistance training. That said, she is always up for a new challenge and will work hard to give clients an effective program based on his/her goals!


Ashton Budzinski

Personal Training & Fitness Floor Manager

Ashton graduated from Muskingham University with a BA in Health and Fitness, where he also played on the University baseball team receiving (2x) 1st Team OAC. Personal Training Areas he likes to focus on are strength and conditioning and sports-specific training, however he is experienced in all areas of training and works with all ages and populations. 


Austin Dills

Certified Personal Trainer

Austin started his fitness journey when he started going to the gym with his close friends in 2018. Shortly after, he noticed he had a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals. Austin went on to pursue a PT certification in the National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM). Austin’s main area of focus is strength and conditioning, but he loves to incorporate various approaches based on his clients’ goals.


Autumn Fullmore

Certified Personal Trainer 

Autumn Fullmore is a nationally certified personal trainer.  She also has her 500-hour RYTt in Yoga.  She has many individual exercise certifications in different modalities as well.  She enjoys working with people of all ages to ensure they continue to move well and be functional throughout their lives.  She works to improve their strength and flexibility. Autumn feels working out should be rewarding and fun.


Justice Kemp

Certified Personal Trainer

Justice has an ISSM personal training accreditation and is a second-year student at the University of Akron in Excercise Science. As a trainer, he is very precise, attentive and fun to work with. He specializes in body shaping, building strength, military fitness, corrective exercise therapy and strength & conditioning exercise. 


Mike Miletti

Certified Personal Trainer

Michael has had a passion for fitness and training throughout his life. As a NASM certified personal trainer, he enjoys informing and motivating others to achieve their fitness goals and becoming the best versions of themselves. As an avid weightlifter and runner, he focuses on muscular strength and conditioning along with cardiorespiratory endurance. His creativity allows for a wide range of workouts sure to keep his clients engaged, entertained, and returning for more!


Lynn Satow

Fitness Director & Certified Personal Trainer

Lynn is an ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer and holds a multitude of certifications encompassing various group exercise modalities. This also includes a 200-hour RYT for yoga, which may, at times, be incorporated into one’s training session. Lynn has worked in the fitness arena professionally for over 24 years. This offers good insight for aiding clients in achieving goals. Lynn works with all ages and issues, but has a wealth of experience working with post-rehab clients, cardiovascular and metabolic issues, and also utilizing interval training to change one’s body composition.


Lisa Schoenberg

Certified Personal Trainer

Lisa is a Certified Personal Trainer through ACSM, NSCA and NASM. Lisa has made her life’s work as a Personal Trainer starting in California in the early 90s up to the present, bringing her expertise, knowledge and personal style in her ability to connect with every client. As a former amateur Bodybuilding National Champion, she knows the benefit of what strength training can give to everyone young and old. Lisa has witnessed firsthand how working out builds confidence and body awareness which addresses balance and coordination. Her specialty is rehabilitation from injury and corrective exercise techniques.

Private Basketball Training Packages $55-$70/hour


Johnny Osby

Basketball Trainer

A few of Johnny's credentials include All City, District and Region ('94) and Region 3 NJCAA Champions ('95). Johnny has 22 Years of Basketball Training Experience. He is the owner of an Instructional Basketball Camp - Playground Legends, Inc. He has also worked as a Basketball Coach/Consultant and a Referee. 


Brian Roberts, Jr.

Basketball Trainer

Brian played Varsity Basketball for Copley High School (winning the conference title, the district championship and becoming a part of the Elite 8) and then played NCAA Division 3 for Allegheny College. Currently, he works with clients of all ages to develop their skills and talent, including Middle School, High School, College and beyond.

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