Introducing the JCCFITPLAN!

Your membership includes an orientation to the fitness center with one of our knowledgeable trainers. You will receive insight on your current fitness levels through some basic testing, and discussion of your fitness goals. Understand how the classes, equipment and programs that we offer at The J can help you reach those goals. You will also learn about how to operate the equipment that we have in the fitness center. Whether you’re just starting to exercise, have dabbled in it before, or are comfortable with your regular fitness routine, JCCFITPLAN can help make the most of your membership. Call 330-835-0032 to schedule your two complimentary appointments TODAY. Scheduling based on availability.


Schedule your appointments when you join, or call 330-835-0040 or stop by the personal training office.



Jumpstart your fitness program with four one-hour sessions (one-time use for members only).

Cost: $160 M.



1.  Reduce injury risk

2.  Personal trainers are inexpensive

3.  Long-term guidance and motivation

4.  Accountability

5.  Variety and creativity

6.  Learn life-long skills

7.  Learn effective and efficient techniques

8.  Lose stubborn fat

9. A trainer is a great resource if you need a referral to other specialists

10.  Build the foundation for a healthier future



  • Fitness Director

    Interested in learning more about our fitness programs? Contact Lynn Satow our Fitness Director!

    330-835-0058 or email