9 2018

Healios 360

5:10AM - 5:55AM  

Shaw JCC of Akron 750 White Pond Dr
Akron, OH

Contact Our Friendly Staff
(330) 867-7850

$ Cost $ 75.00

Discussions: Saturdays & Sundays, 5:10-5:55am (optional)

The Serenity & Strength series with Peach Yahney, Ph.D. is the second segment in the Compassionate Change Training. If you missed the first training or want to continue with the second training, join us Mondays-Fridays, July 9-Aug. 3, 5:10-5:55 a.m. This four-week series combines fusion classes with Mind- Body Research and Spiritual Wisdom to help you live in and out of a deeper and more loving way of being. The workouts are designed to be heart and soul fulfilling. The classes blend toning, yoga, Pilates, stability ball, kickboxing, and cardio with affirmations. Workouts are designed to help improve mood, flexibility, balance, strength, and stamina as well as increase your resting metabolism. The classes are varied in intensity and impact providing a nurturing environment that allows you to choose what level you would like to participate in that day as well as engage in something new when you are ready.

Limited to 10 participants, so sign up today!

Women ages 21+