10 2018

Healios 360 Year End Program

5:05AM - 6:00AM  

The Healios 360 Year End Program led by Peach Yahney, Ph.D. is a great way to finish out 2018, help you reach your goals throughout the holiday season and prepare for the new year. Class participants will continue with the familiar fusion class format and build on the affirmation and personal growth programming. 
What’s Included:
  • In-depth sessions that are built around Mind-Body Research, Spiritual Wisdom, Physical Exercise & Movement combined in a practical manner.
  • A nurturing environment that allows you to choose what level you would like to engage in that day, or try something new when you are ready. 
  • Workouts are designed to help improve mood, flexibility, balance, strength, stamina and an increase in resting metabolism.
Cost: $40 Member/$50 Guest
To register, call 330-867-7850, stop by the desk or register at