Tiger Kids Kung Fu

Choose from a full 12-week session or partial 8- or 4-week sessions!

1st-6th Grade Students


Earn your belt in 12 weeks! This program teaches discipline, teamwork and values – all while students are active and having fun! Register for all 12 weeks, or in increments of 8 and 4 week sessions. This program is taught by professionals from Victory Defense Systems.


To register call the Fitness Desk at 330-867-7850.




September 13 - December 6

Wednesdays, 4:15-5:00pm


Price Per Child:

$195 for 12 weeks

$130 for 8 weeks

$65 for 4 weeks

(three 4-week sessions available)




What does the Tiger Kids program include?

• 4 - 60 minute Kung Fu classes per month taught by one of our Lead Instructors, with over 7 to 20 years of experience

• Bully, Stranger Awareness Training, Kung Fu Skills and Monthly Character Development Topics

• NEW Calming exercises at the end of classes to help students manage stress throughout their daily lives.

• All belt testing and all months have been cost averaged into the monthly price.


What are the benefits of Kung Fu?

• Studies have shown programs like our Kung Fu class can help students perform better in school.

• Students will develop better coordination, agility, balance, flexibility, muscular strength, power, speed and reaction time; skills that benefit every sport.

• Students will build self-confidence and respect for self and others and deal with bullies in a positive and non-violent manner.


How do I register?

Call the front desk at 330-867-7850 to register.


Still Have Questions?

Contact Adam Boyer, Owner/Instructor Victory Defense Systems

Phone: 330-622-2613

E-mail: info@victorydefensesystems.com 

Website: www.VictoryDefenseSystems.com 

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  • Fitness Director

    Interested in learning more about our fitness programs? Contact Lynn Satow our Fitness Director!

    330-835-0058 or email