Massage Therapy


Our Massage Therapists would love to help you relax and ease away your aches and pains! Our therapists work with you to alleviate body pains and stress. Each session is focused on you and treating your specific problems. Meet our therapists and schedule a massage with one of them today! Therapists are educated in the latest massage practices and know how to tailor a massage to each individual client.


Most relaxation massages use a combination of kneading, rolling, vibration, percussion and tapping motions. Practitioners will help you relax, release tension, and clear the mind. Hot stone or aromatherapy can be a soothing add-on to your relaxation massage session.



Physical Benefits 

• Stress Reduction
• Improved circulation 
• Aiding in healing of scar tissue
• Release of chronic muscle tension & pain
• Release and elimination of toxins from the body
• Reduction of blood pressure
• Faster recovery from exercise by flushing lactic acid


Mental Benefits

Massages help create a relaxed state of alertness & increases the ability for clear thinking. Tension and anxiety can be reduced.


Oncology Massage Solutions

People with cancer who receive massage therapy care can gain many benefits, both physically and psychologically. Therapists trained in oncology massage are equipped to support them during this life challenge. In addition to providing well-being, the massage is particularly effective for:


• Acting positively on mood by reducing the effects of stress and anxiety on the body
• Providing relaxation to promote recovery and offer better support to the disease and treatments
• Relieving physical pain by soothing tension
• Alleviating some side effects of treatments like nausea or headaches
• Improving the quality of sleep, thus reducing mental and physical fatigue
• Increasing the level of endorphin hormones, a natural painkiller
• Reducing muscle adhesions as a result of surgery

• Decreasing edema as needed


Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage aids in boosting immunity. Lymphatic drainage is necessary for those who have undergone treatments that resulted in fluid retention. These treatments are useful for post-surgery patients, clients suffering from edema, heavy legs or slow metabolism, and for travelers with excessive fluid retention.


Note: Women who have had breast cancer with lymph node removal may have problems diffusing liquid in their arms or abdomen so this treatment could be helpful during recovery.



Auriana is a certified LMT. Her passion is in helping heal internal/external pain, uplifting individuals, and restoring the hope in which we all need. Auriana specializes in a variety of modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal Massage, Hot Stone, Cupping, Reflexology, and others. She is ardent about assisting individuals in reaching their goals by educating them on ways to improve activites of daily living.


Call her for an appointment at 234-200-6576.

Tracey joins us as an experienced, Ohio Board certified Licensed Massage Therapist. She is very well versed in both relaxation and deep tissue massage. Tracey studied at both the Ohio College of Massotherapy and also the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage with her final diploma from CIMM. She will quickly tune into your needs! Tracey is also a level II Reiki Practitioner. 


Call her for an appointment at 330-802-2812. 

We require 24-hour or more advance notice for massage, Reiki, or healing arts if you need to cancel. Canceling or no-shows within less than 24-hour notice will result in your session being charged to your account.

*Pricing does NOT include gratuities. Tips are appreciated and lets your therapist know they helped you to feel great!

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