Specialty Camps


Spend the week exploring your favorite interests and discovering new hobbies in our incredible one to two week specialty camps. All specialty campers will get to swim daily in our outdoor pool. All specialty camps are led by talented professionals.

Young Ballers Basketball

Member: $279   Non-member: $373

Grades 1-4    |     Week 4: June 26-30

Campers will spend the afternoon at Camp JCC's Young Ballers Basketball Camp! Campers will build fundamental skills including ball handling and shooting. Campers will perform drills, play interactive games and more! The National Basketball Academy's experienced coaching staff will teach the athletes good sportsmanship that they can be sure to showcase on and off the court.

Basketball Academy

Member: $289   Non-member: $383

Grades 5-8    |     Week 8: July 24-28

Campers will spend the afternoon at Camp JCC's Basketball Camp! This camp focuses on comprehensive and higher-level drills and skills. More mature and seasoned players will experience a faster pace of play. The National Basketball Academy's coaches will equip the athletes with knowledge of the sport at an increased level of intensity. 

Towpath Tennis

Member: $284      Non-member: $378

Grades 5-8   |     Week: 1: June 5-9 &

                              Week 3: June 19-23


Campers will spend the afternoon at Camp JCC's Tennis Camp! Partnering with Towpath Tennis for the third Camp season, this camp will develop campers' tennis game and improve their overall skills. Take part in competitive games and interactive drills! Taught by professional tennis instructors. 

Towpath Tennis

Member: $284   Non-member: $378

Grades 1-4    |     Week 2: June 12-16 &    

                                Week 4: June 26-30

Campers will spend the afternoon at Camp JCC's Tennis Camp! Partnering with Towpath Tennis for the third Camp season, this camp will help campers focus on skill development of basic strokes, serving and net play. Instruction and creative games will get the athletes excited! Taught by professional tennis instructors. 

Art Exploration!

Member: $289   Non-member: $383

Grades: 1-6    |    Week 3: June 19-23      

Eplore a different medium every day! Kids will learn far ranging techniques, from painting to sculpture to book-binding and faux stained glass, using clay, paint, ink and more. The days will be messy but so much creative fun!

The Art of Building/3D Sculpture

Member: $289   Non-member: $383

Grades: 3-8    |     Week 6: July 10-14    

This art camp is fun for those who think in more than 2 dimensions! We start off the week with book-binding and then build with different materials each day: clay, cardboard, wood and more! Artists will innovate and express to their hearts' content!

Kung Fu

Member: $279   Non-member: $373

Grades 1-8   |     Week: 9: July 31-August 4 

                              Week 10: August 7-11

Victory Defense System’s owner Adam Boyer will teach campers the most common, classical Kung Fu techniques. Campers will learn basics of Kung Fu and participate in skill challenges and fun projects to boost the campers' understanding of the subject material in productive way. 

3D Printing

Member: $295   Non-member: $389

Grades 3-8    |     Week 6: July 10-14

Students will discover and experiment with the most popular type of 3D printing: PLA! Campers will create and choose from countless 3D files, process prints and paint their very own 3D creations! Up to 8 projects will be completed and taken home to share!

Young Volleyballers

Member: $284   Non-member: $378 

Grades 1-4    |   Week 9: July 31-August 4

Experienced staff from Spirit Volleyball Club will be introducing young athletes to the game of volleyball! They will learn some of the basic fundamentals as well as learn to enjoy the game and have fun!

Volleyball Camp

Member: $284   Non-member: $378

Grades 5-8    |     Week 10: August 7-11

Experienced staff from Spirit Volleyball Club will provide training essential to athletes' growth on the court. Your performance will improve as you gain new skills and build your self-confidence! Breaking down passing, serving,  hitting, and setting will be mixed in with games and frinedly competition. 

Young Dribblers Soccer

Member: $278   Non-member: $373

Grades 1-4    |     Week 8: July 24-28

Campers will spend the afternoon at Camp JCC's Young Dribblers Soccer Camp! Coach Weishar will work with campers on skills of all kinds! Whether it is your first time dribbling a soccer ball or you would like to ignite your passion and sharpen your skills, this is the camp for you! Participate in drills, challenges and games that are sure to keep each player engage and motivated!


Pickleball Camp

Member: $284   Non-member: $378

Grades 3-5    |     Week 8: July 24-28                    

Hop on the bandwagon and discover your love of Pickleball! The popular sport has been described as a combination of tennis, badminton & ping pong. Pickleball is easy to learn and even easier to enjoy! Improve balance, agility and hand-eye coordination in the process. Grab a paddle and a friend and get started!


Musical Theatre Camp

Member: $489    Non-member: $550

Grades 4-8    |     Weeks 8-9: July 24-August 4 (2 week session- no weekends)

Campers will spend the afternoon with Weathervane Playhouse (at the JCC) to create their own adventure musical! Explore music from some fan favorite shows and work together to build a story and plot for the final performance. Campers will learn the ins and outs of musical theatre story to share at the end of camp. Let's sing, dance, and create!


*This is a TWO WEEK PROGRAM, ending Friday 8/4!

**A Performance for families is tentatively scheduled for 8/3 at 5:30 p.m. here at the JCC. 



Pokemon Camp

Member: $278   Non-member: $373

Grades 3-8    |     Week 10: August 7-11

Come join fellow Pokémon enthusiasts to learn, discuss, battle, and trade! Showcase your personal collection and/or gain new cards! Gotta catch 'em all!


*This camp is made possible in part by a partnership with Akron Summit-County Public Library. 

Hip Hop Fitness & Dance

Member: $263   Non-member: $357

Grades 4-8    |     Week 1: June 5-9  

Get your groove on an exert some energy in a positive way! Participate in a fitness regimen that combines HIIT workouts and dance choreography! Work toward a culminating "music video" that will be professionally edited and shared with families! 


Challenge Island 


All Challenge Island Camps are $352/ Member $415/ Non-member. 5 weeks of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) fun this summer at Camp JCC!

Steamwarts Camp

Member: $352   Non-member: $415

Grades 1-8    |     Week 2: June 12-16

Pack your wizarding gear and join us for a magical week of spellbinding adventure in one of our fan favorite camps! You and your housemates will take a full load of Wizarding Claasses from Transfiguration to Flying Broomsticks to Charms and Potions to Magical Beasts. The STEAMtastic camp will culminate with an enchanted graduation ceremony. A must for every wizard and Harry Potter fan! 


Islandtube Fever Camp

Member: $352   Non-member: $415

Grades 2-8    |     Week 3: June 19-23

Tune into imagination and creativity at Challenge Island's Island Tube Camp! You and your STEAM Team will build your very own studio and take part in a while haul of super tuber activities; from taste tests to mystery wheels to Secret Island Surprise Balls! One of our most "liked" camps, this Kids' Choice Challenge Island adventure gets thumbs up all around!

Steam Across the Universe Camp

Member: $352   Non-member: $415 

Grades 1-8    |     Week 4: June 26-30

3...2...1 Blastoff! You and STEAM Team of astronaut friends will create your own Mission Control Station and soar through the universe. You'll learn the spectacular science of space while taking on a galaxy of cosmically cool challeneges - from Rocket Launch Day to Moon Day to Intergalactic Day to Alien Day. Don't miss out on this out of this world Challenge Island camp! 

Slimetopia 2: Total Slime Takeover

Member: $352   Non-member: $415

Grades 1-8    |     Week 6: July 10-14

By colossally popular demand comes this squishy, squashy, stretchy sequel to our bestselling Slimetopia camp. This time, the world is being taken over by slime! You and your STEAM Team will ooze with excitement as you visit countries across the globe making a different kind of slime at each destination. From Italian pizza slime to Antartic penguin slime to Hawaiian lava slime and tons of other slippy, drippy, gooey, global slimes in between. 

Shark Camp

Member: $352   Non-member: $415

Grades 1-8    |     Week 7: July 17-21

STEAM + Reading = STREAM! This STREAMy camp brings the Bridge to Sharktooth Island, the first book in the Challenge Island series, to life! You and your STREAM Team will join characters Daniel, Joy, Kimani, and Davinci on their Sharktooth Island adventures from bridge-building to pirate ship exploring to mixing up spectacular slime seas. You'll dive into the fascinating world of SHARKS and tackle and ocean full of shark-inspired challenges! This FINtastic Camp is perfect for fans of the Challenge Island, Magic Tree House and Magic School Bus book series! 


Crown Point Summer Farm & Science Camps


Crown Point Ecology Center is home to 115 acres of living classroom, including diverse ecosystems, habitats and more. It itruly has emerged as a "Crown Point" of the area in terms of ecological education, organic farming and sustainability. This summer camp series will be rooted in ecology, agriculture and art -- with every week containing components of each. This mix of educational content, recreation and socialization will surely have your camper entertained this summer! Curated by a special partnership between The Shaww JCC of Akron and Crown Point Ecology Center. 


*Each week will take place at Crown Point Ecology Center located at 3220 Ira Rd. Akron, OH 44333. Camp drop off begins at 9 a.m., and pick up begins at 2:45 p.m.

Parents/guardians will be responsible for transportation to and from Crown Point.

**Minimum enrollment required.

Wilderness Survival Skills Camp

Member/ Non-member: $340

Grades 5-8    |     Week 7: July 17-21

Learn hands-on life skills in a safe, fun and energetic environment. You will be coached on how to create shelter and fire. Campers will gain knowledge in botany, and learn how to differentiate poisonous, edible and medicinal plant life. Cooking, knot tying and tracking will also be a focus! Complete with a Children's Garden component as well as agriculture & sustainability lessons! 


Wonders of the Wetlands!

Member/Non-member: $340

Grades 2-7    |     Week 9: July 31-August 4

Because humans live on land, it is easy to forget that many types of creatures thrive beneath the surface! Eplore Crown Point's pond of programming. Campers will dig, catch, and net for creatures that are a native to the area. Complete with a Children's Garden component as well as agriculture & sustainability lessons!

Hidden Habitats!

Member/ Non-member: $340

Grades 3-8    |     Week 10: August 7-11

Do owls live in trees? Do snails call ponds home? Find out by examining Crown Point's vast property! Search high and low, near and far, for different type of wildlife! Hike and investigate to uncover habitats of creatures hidden in plain sight! Study where these living, breathing things survive - and what makes their home special. Complete with a Children's Garden component as well as agriculture & sustainability lessons!