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We have a new facility waiver, which every member must complete regardless of their prior waiver status. To save time while checking in, feel free to complete the waiver in advance and mail it to Membership Director Ryan Miller at rmiller@shawjcc.org OR print the waiver, fill it out and bring it with you when you visit The JCC.

You Belong at the J!

We want sign-ups for Pickleball play to be easier for you and a time saver. We have added the available blocks of play time to our ‘My J’ app. Pickleball play will be available on the app under the "Schedule Visit" tab starting Tuesday, February 1st(You can always sign up 7 days in advance!)


For more information on Pickleball sign-ups, please click HERE.

"My J" App

Learn about making reservations and more on the "My J" App

Schultz Campus

Learn more about the Schultz Campus for Life.

BE the ONE

Give today and help families in our community!

The J is far beyond a workout facility. It’s a place to find your passion and reach for the stars. It’s a caring community that inspires values. It’s a place to meet new friends and set your family on a path to wellness. It’s your second home. It’s the J. Live up!​ The Shaw JCC is  open to all members of our community regardless of religious preference, marital, sexual, or economic status.